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I can help you break through the walls of communication to create positive relationships. 

Do you want to...

  • Feel less guilt?

  • Thrive in your communication skills?


  • Feel understood?  Appreciated?

  • Be able to set clear boundaries?

  • Get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations you've been putting off?


How My Coaching Works

During our one-on-one coaching sessions, you will learn to identify your current patterns of communication and shift away from what's not working. Together we will co-create individualized paths to achieving your goals and create practices to guide you in your daily life. In turn, you will develop positive communication skills.

Schedule A Discovery Call

Our first coaching call will be 30-minutes.  During this session we will dive into your needs to gain clarity around areas of where you want to be versus where you are now. Also this session will allow you to ask questions about the coaching process and for us to get to know one another. 

Invest In Yourself

My rate for a single coaching session is $95, which includes a 60-minute one-on-one phone session.

Based on your needs, the frequency of sessions are either weekly or bi-monthly. You are in control of your own progress.  The effort you put in will determine your outcome. The more you are committed, the more benefits you gain.

My Signature Coaching Investment package is $500, which includes six 60-minute one-on-one phone sessions.

In between phone sessions, my clients are always welcome to email me to ask questions, share successes or reach out to know they have my full support. I recommend you set up a time every week to call in for coaching.  The most effective way is to set aside the same date and time for our session.  

Invest In Yourself

To invest in yourself means to invest in your future

  Discovery Call

During this free consultation, I’ll share more about how coaching works, and we’ll decide together if this type of process would be helpful to you right now.

Single Coaching Session

  • 60-minute one-on-one phone session

  • $95

  • Client chooses session focus 

  • Follow up text or email support


Coaching Investment

  • 6 total sessions

  • 60-minute one-on-one phone session

  • $500

  • Additional sessions are available at this rate

  • Follow up text or email support

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