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  • Ella Wong

Recharging Without Guilt

I love checking off the boxes everyday on my to-do list only to go to bed every night exhausted and knowing a similar to-do list existed the next day and the next day after that.  Next thing you know I'm 12 years into this routine of motherhood and the list has modified itself from changing diapers to managing their schedules.  It's very easy to lose track of time and your own self care.  The key is to not let the stress and overwhelm limit your life but instead to find ways to recharge without guilt.  

I put it upon myself to make sure everything that needed to be done was taken care of and put away -all the night time wake ups, making sure the family was fed, and keeping the house in order. BUSY is the understatement of every year.  I would be lying if I told you I was never once tired, resentful or overwhelmed. 

I know I'm guilty of not putting my own needs first for many MANY years.  I was not ok with leaving my kids in the hands of anyone other than my husband.  The idea of having to coordinate a sitter, meals for the kids, felt as if I had to go through that part of my evening before I could enjoy time for myself or a night out with my husband. What I wanted to share with you today are small things we could do every day to recharge. Recharging for a short period throughout the day can make drastic improvements to your routine.  

I recharge every morning by waking up early and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Exercise is part of my daily routine as it helps me clear the mental clutter. Believe it or not but vacuuming a room or organizing a drawer also recharges me. There are days I might call my mom or a good friend. Most days chocolate helps too. It's about the simple pleasures of life. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. How are you filling up your cup?

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